OLYMPIOS TRADING SA has been active since May 1997, its founders however already had great experience in the field of designing, operating and equipping water distribution and sewage networks. Within a few years, the company has managed to gain one of the leading market positions as a hydraulic equipment supplier and as a complete solutions provider. The name of Olympios is imprinted on its customers’ minds as a synonym for consistency, quality and reliability. Using the gained experience in the field of measurements for every parameter of the water supply and sewage networks, OLYMPIOS TRADING SA continues to lead in the market, thanks to the constant flow of new innovative technologies supported by its highly trained staff. Our long experience in water supply management, the quality of the products and solutions that we provide combined with the continuous company’s growth, have placed Olympios among the top companies in the sensitive field of water resources management.


Melcer Consulting was founded in 2001 and has been active since, in the field of providing specialized services of consultative character, in matters of developing, designing and installing special hydraulic technologies. The company is consisted of highly and fully trained executive members with a significant experience in the field of applied water technologies, as well as high specialization in the new technological products and services in relation to this particular field. Active leakage detection in water distribution networks, development of operational plans for management, restoration, maintenance, upgrading and optimization of the water distribution and sewage networks, collection/ logging and transfer of the water distribution network data, its analysis and the submission of proposals for the optimal problem solution, as well as the planning and implementation of telemetry, remote control and telemetric applications systems (their operation and maintenance both), are some indicative services that our company can provide. Thanks to our collaboration with strategic and acclaimed partners, we are in position to provide complete information and communication technology solutions that can fully satisfy every need of both Public and Private sector clients.



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